You didn't elect me to the state Assembly to sit on the sidelines and watch our 2nd amendment rights be taken away.  last year, I stood on the Assembly floor and urged my colleges to re-think their decision to make law abiding gun owners criminals.  We weren't successful but we still have a chance.  

Sign up as a Citizen Co-Sponsor for my legislation for a FULL REPEAL of the NY-SAFE Act. 

YES David, I want to be a Citizen Co-Sponsor to your bill, A-6238.  I too support a FULL REPEAL of the unconstitutional NYSAFE Act.   Keep standing strong for our Constitutional Freedoms! 


GOAL: 20,000 co-sponsor s

Will you sign?

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Sign the petition: REPEAL CUOMO GUN LAWS
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SAVE MY 2nd amendment!
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Sign the petition: REPEAL The New York Safe Act , it is a violation of personal liberty by the minority!
signed 2014-04-15 13:41:12 -0400
A governor gone wrong, does not mean a voter gone wrong. Yet!
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Please defeat Cuomo safe act and make honest people honest again.
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Repeal ALL restrictive gun laws that exceed the limitations set by federal laws
signed 2014-04-15 00:39:13 -0400

From a Veteran & Voter!
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The Safe act is unconstitutional. No further comment is needed.
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The only thing the NYS safe act dose is helps criminals
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Have a good one.
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Hi Dave, I am a registered Democrat but not proud of it except that I would consider myself a “Zell Miller” dem…old school stuff….I am proud to be associated with your effort because the safe act is wrong and does nothing to make anyone safer, and I continue to promote this effort to oppose the “safe act” and I applaud and support your effort. I guess I have only one thing to really stress this simple point and that would be, if murder itself is against the law, why would the perpetrator of murder even care about “breaking a gun law”!!!! I can answer that, and the answer Is, the criminal doesn’t care. That is a simple fact……..There are many more reasons of coarse to oppose the “safe act” and the list is long.

Please, keep up the fight on behalf of ALL freedom loving Americans across this state and throughout the country. Our forefathers fought way too hard to sacrifice the 2nd amendment in any form or matter. WE need to protect our constitution and it starts here….Thanks Dave.
You Are A True Patriot


signed 2014-04-13 09:30:07 -0400
I want to abide this #%& law just because it is a law. I just don’t want to jeopardize my arms to confiscation
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